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Simplicial Homotopy Theory
Goerss P.G., Jardine J.F., 1997

Simplicial Homotopy Theory

Since the beginning of the modern era of algebraic topology, simplicialmethods have been used systematically and effectively for both computation and basic theory. With the development of Quillen's co…

Tags: theory simplicial homotopy

Focus on advanced english: C.A.E. grammar practice
Walton R., 2000

Focus on advanced english: C.A.E. grammar practice

* Focus on advanced English: C.A.E. grammar practice - It has additional practice in CAE writing skills, regular progress tests and study tips for help with problematic areas common to advanced learne…

Tags: english c.a.e. walton grammar practice advanced

Elasticity: theory, applications, and numerics
Sadd M.H., 2005

Elasticity: theory, applications, and numerics

Although there are several books in print dealing with elasticity, many focus on specialized topics such as mathematical foundations, anisotropic materials, two-dimensional problems, thermoelasticity,…

Tags: theory applications numerics elasticity

Nonlinear Problems of Elasticity
Antman S.S., 1995

Nonlinear Problems of Elasticity

Within the past few decades, there has been an accelerating development of methods for studying nonlinear equations. Nonlinear analysis offers exciting prospects for certain specific areas of nonlinea…

Tags: nonlinear problems elasticity

Digital Lighting'Rendering

Digital Lighting

New Riders' [digital] series is performing a tremendous service to the computer animation and graphics community.

Немного рекламы: Если вам нужны

The first book on deploying VoIP products from Nortel, the largest supplier of voice products in the world. This is the only book you need if you are tasked with designing, installing, configuring, an…


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