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Practical Optimization Methods
Bhatti M., 2000

Practical Optimization Methods

Textbook presenting basic optimization theory in a concise manner suitable for students in all branches of engineering, operations research, and management information systems. Approaches the subject …

Tags: practical methods optimization

Fuzzy Logic
McNeill F.M., Thro E., 1994

Fuzzy Logic

An eye-opening look at the discovery of a revolutionary computer technology and how it is changing our world. Fuzzy Logic is both a disturbing object lesson in shortsighted business practices and an e…

Tags: thro fuzzy logic mcneill

Build Your Own Combat Robot - McGraw-Hill Osborne

Build Your Own Combat Robot - McGraw-Hill Osborne

Create your own powerful battling robot from start to finish using this easy-to-follow manual. Robotics experts Pete Miles and Tom Carroll explain the science and technology behind robots, and show yo…

Tags: miscelleanous

Notions of Convexity
Hormander L., 1994

Notions of Convexity

The first two chapters are devoted to convexity in the classical sense, for functions of one and several real variables respectively. This gives a background for the study in the following chapters of…

Tags: convexity notions

Nevanlinna's Theory of Value Distribution: The Second Main Theorem and Its Error Terms
Cherry W., Ye Z., 2001


"On the one hand, this monograph serves as a self-contained introduction to Nevanlinna's theory of value distribution because the authors only assume the reader is familiar with the basics of complex …

Tags: second nevanlinna's theorem theory distribution

Skew Fields : Theory of General Division Rings (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)
Cohn P.M., 1995

Skew Fields : Theory of General Division Rings (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)

Algebraists have studied noncommutative fields (also called skew fields or division rings) less thoroughly than their commutative counterparts. Most existing accounts have been confined to division al…

Tags: (encyclopedia applications) general mathematics theory fields division


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