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Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics
Brennen C.E., 1995

Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics

This book provides a coherent and unified treatment of the fundamental physical processes involved in bubble dynamics and the phenomenon of cavitation. Of interest to a wide range of mechanical engine…

Tags: cavitation dynamics bubble

Grimmett G., 1999


Percolation theory is the study of an idealized random medium in two or more dimensions. It is a cornerstone of the theory of spatial stochastic processes with applications in such fields as statistic…

Tags: percolation

Classical and quantum dynamics
Dittrich W., Reuter M., 2001

Classical and quantum dynamics

Graduate students who want to become familiar with advanced computational strategies in classical and quantum dynamics will find here both the fundamentals of a standard course and a detailed treatmen…

Tags: dynamics quantum classical

General relativity. A geometric approach
Ludvigsen M., 1999

General relativity. A geometric approach

Starting with the idea of an event and finishing with a description of the standard big-bang model of the Universe, this textbook provides a clear, concise and up-to-date introduction to the theory of…

Tags: relativity ludvigsen general geometric approach

Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics
Sussman G.J., Wisdom J., 2000

Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics

This book presents classical mechanics from an unusual perspective. It focuses on understanding motion rather than deriving equations of motion. It weaves recent discoveries of nonlinear dynamics thro…

Tags: wisdom classical structure mechanics interpretation sussman

Bluetooth Application Developer's Guide - Syngress

Bluetooth Application Developer

Bluetooth (enabled devices) will ship in the billions of units once it gains momentum. - Martin Reynolds, Gartner GroupBluetooth is the most exciting development in wireless computing this decade! Blu…

Tags: wireless


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