ANIMAL CLONING:The Science of Nuclear Transfer

ANIMAL CLONING:The Science of Nuclear Transfer The New Biology set consists of the following six volumes: The Cell,Animal Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Gene Therapy, Cancer, and Aging.The set is intended primarily for middle and high school students, butit is also appropriate for first-year university students and the generalpublic. In writing this set, I have tried to balance the need for a comprehensivepresentation of the material, covering many complex fields,against the danger of burying—and thereby losing—young studentsunder a mountain of detail. Thus the use of lengthy discussions andprofessional jargon has been kept to a minimum, and every attempt hasbeen made to ensure that this be done without sacrificing the importantelements of each topic. A large number of drawings are providedthroughout the series to illustrate the subject matter.

Authors: Joseph PannoPages: 177     Year: 2007

Tags: animal biology cloning

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