Modern arene chemistry

Modern arene chemistry From the very outset, arene chemistry has been one of the most varied and intensively studied areas of research, and has witnessed a rapid growth over the past few years in particular. This book, edited by the renowned chemist Didier Astruc, illustrates the incredible diversity to be found in this fascinating field. * Sixteen contributions from authors who read like a "Who's Who" of arene chemistry: D. Astruc, U. H. F. Bunz, A. de Meijere, F. Diederich, K. H. Dötz, K. S. Feldman, W. D. Harman, J. F. Hartwig, H. Hopf, J. K. Kochi, S. Quideau, F. Rose-Munch, L. T. Scott, V. Snieckus, J. F. Stoddart, and A. Suzuki * the book covers all the important aspects from history to the latest developments, including supramolecular chemistry, coupling reactions, cyclophanes, transition-metal arene complexes, and arene functionalization among many others. * essential reading for every organic or bioorganic chemist and those working with organometallics, catalysis, and materials.

Authors: Astruc D.Pages: 635     Year: 2002

Tags: chemistry modern

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