M. G. Krein's Lectures on Entire Operators

M. G. Krein This book is devoted to the theory of entire operators, founded by one of the century's best known mathematicians, M.G. Krein. The theory lies at the junction of the spectral theory of Hermitian operators and the theory of analytic functions, harmoniously combining the methods of each. The purpose of the book is to show how various problems of classical and modern analysis can be looked at from the entire operator theory point of view. This is the first systematic presentation of basic concepts of Krein's theory and its applications. The present study of Krein's unpublished lectures and his works gives (over)due recognition to the unique approach he developed - an approach which for many years was not broadly known. The book is intended for researchers as well as graduate and postgraduate students interested in the spectral theory of operators, complex analysis, differential equations and extrapolation problems.

Authors: Gorbachuk M., Gorbachuk V.Pages: 3     Year: 1997

Tags: lectures entire operators krein's

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