Algebraic topology

Algebraic  topology When the present volume was first contemplated some five years ago it was primarily meant to be a second edition of the author's Topology A930, Volume XII of the American Mathematical Society Colloquium Series). It soon became evident however that the subject had moved too rapidly for a mere revised edition, and that a completely new book would have to be written. With the consent of the Colloquium Committee the task was undertaken by the author and resulted in the present work. Its basic topic, often referred to as "Combinatorial Topology," is in substance the theory of complexes and its applications. Many factors have contributed to a great increase in the role of algebra in this subject. For this reason it is more appropriately described as "Algebraic Topology," and this explains the title of the volume.

Authors: Lefschetz S.Pages: 396     Year: 1942

Tags: algebraic topology

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