America's Corner Store: Walgreen's Prescription for Success

America "This is the story of Walgreens, the most successful drugstore chain in the United States. From its founding as a family-run store in Chicago in 1901, Walgreens has grown into one of the largest food and drug retailers in the world. With more than 3,600 stores nationwide and the 6,000th scheduled to open by 2010, Walgreens has managed to survive and even thrive when other, better-known competitors, have not - earning regular spots on Fortune magazine's lists of most admired and best performing companies." The story of Walgreens' remarkable rise to the top is one of grit and gumption, talent and tenacity, and an unfailing commitment to old-fashioned down-home values. This book offers both a colorful slice of Americana and a compelling corporate profile, interweaving personal anecdotes with historic and economic insights.

Authors: Bacon J.U.Pages: 272     Year: 2004

Tags: america's success corner walgreen's store prescription

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