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SAS 9.13 Management Console Users Guide - SAS Publishing SAS Management Console is a Java application that provides a single point of control for managing resources that are used throughout the Intelligence Value Chain. This updated guide presents introductory and basic information about using SAS Management Console, including information about the following: introduction to SAS Management Console and plug-ins; connecting to a metadata server; defining a SAS environment; installing a plug-in and the associated help; and managing metadata definitions for resources such as users, servers, libraries, SAS licenses, job schedules, and XMLMaps. Although SAS Management Console runs on your desktop computer, you can use it to manage resources in all operating environments that SAS supports. This title is also available online. This guide is for persons responsible for administering SAS or various components of SAS, such as SAS Integration Technologies or SAS ETL Studio, who require information about creating metadata definitions for servers, libraries, users, and other resources that can then be used by other SAS applications or components.

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Tags: java scripts

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