The Complete Guide to Creating a Business that Gives You a Life

The Complete Guide to Creating a Business that Gives You a Life When should would-be entrepreneurs take the plunge? Freelance writer Henricks (Grow Your Business) has written this guide to help people decide whether they are ready to be lifestyle entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs who goes into business for lifestyle reasons rather than for financial rewards. The book is divided into three sections, with the first section outlining the decision process potential entrepreneurs should go through before leaving their current situations and including the possible downsides of starting one's own business. The second section describes the ways a person can go into business, such as starting a new enterprise, buying an established business, or franchising. This section also gives options on how to fund the new business once it is off the ground. The third section deals with choosing customers, suppliers, partners, etc., what type of technology to utilize in running the business, whether to expand the business, and when to cash out. Throughout, Henricks recounts his own experiences as a freelancer and offers advice from the hundreds of entrepreneurs he interviewed. A bibliography of print and electronic resources is also provided. The result is a useful and clearly written manual. Recommended for public and academic libraries.

Pages: 250    

Tags: doing business

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