Contact Dermatitis (4th edition)

Contact Dermatitis (4th edition) The fourth edition is an up-dated coverage of every conceivable aspect of the modern-day management of contact dermatitis. Both irritant and allergic contact dermatitis are covered fully and clearly, special emphasis being given to immunolgical mechanisms, molecular aspects of sensitizers, atypical clinical forms, reactions to medicaments, occupational and environmental aspects. Several new chapters focus on fragrances, hair dyes, and methods for quantitative risk assessment of allergens and irritants. The textbook also covers epidemiology, the histopathology and ultrastructure of contact dermatitis, methods of skin-testing other than patch testing, skin penetration, and principles of prevention and protection. Legislative regulations on contact allergens and legal aspects of worker™s compensation for occupational dermatitis are dealt with as well as the expanding use of computers in surveillance sytems and practical management of patients. For optimizing the diagnostic approach a wide scale of information is provided on patch test concentration and vehicles, testing with patients own materials and a dictionary of contact allergens regarding chemical structures, sources and references. The editors and authors are all leading practitioners in the field. They have thoroughly revised the original chapters that were retained, while adding a large number of new chapters - the first edtion had 22 chapters, the fourth one has 51 chapters. Their expertise has thus enabled the compilation of a comprehensive, yet approachable, updated text, supplemented by a large number of illustrations, all in full color, many tables and a useful index. Core messages highlight the most important information and will help the reader gain a better understanding of the theoretical basis of the subject, greater competence in everyday practice, and increased awareness of areas in which more clinical and laboratory research remains needed. For teaching purposes a CD-ROM is included providing virtually all clinical pictures and the most pertinent diagrams and tables. ps: i saw that "Chapter 15" is missing in the book... But it's 51 chapters total...

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Tags: medical

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