Outer-Art, Vol. I-IV by Florentin Smarandache

Outer-Art, Vol. I-IV by  Florentin Smarandache "Outer-Art" is a movement set up as a protest against, or to ridicule, the random modern art which states that everything is art! It was initiated by Florentin Smarandache, in 1990s, who ironically called for an upside-down artwork: to do art in a way it is not supposed to be done, i.e. to make art as ugly, as silly, as wrong as possible, and generally as impossible as possible. What follows after post-modernism: ultra-modern art? I would say ars gratia ex-artis, this is to be the state of my "outer art". ?Por que? !Por que no! It seems that I am an anti-talent to drawings and paintings in a traditional manner. I even disregard this kind of art, which cas easily be replaced by mechanical reproduction. Therefore, I gathered nearly a quarter of my "anti-art" art-work done in Turkey, USA (here I got in touch with the straight art, in bright basic colors - yelow for the sun, blue for the sky, red for the fire, and black for the night, somehow naive, of Navajo, Zuni, Apache, Hopi, and Pima Indian tribes), and Mexico, between 1988-2000, in a paradoxist way: - painting for the non-painting's sake - not drawings, but our every day's scribblings - painting overlapping another painting - found art in the wasting basket of the art - fine ugly art - para-art and contra-art - art without art - scientific art. All of the above procedures become, after a period of maybe shocking time, 'normal' (please read 'traditional') art. Which later would be classified, in their turn, as supernuated. And again they come back to life with a "neo" prefix art, because art is cyclic. Vol. IV - Composed, found, changed, modified, alternated computer-programmed images. This album is dedicated to University Professor Salah Osman from Alexandria, Egypt. Five sections compose this avant-garde album of experimental electronic art: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Radio Diagrams, TV Show, Electrical Circuits, and Marine Fauna.

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