Benny H.W Yung, Assessment Reform in Science: Fairness and Fear?

Benny H.W Yung, Assessment Reform in Science: Fairness and Fear? Reform in Science: Fairness and Fear, is a report of research findings relating to teacher professional development and the concordance of teachers knowledge and beliefs about science (specifically the nature of science), the purpose of practical work and science pedagogy in the enactment of mandated assessment reform. Situated within the Hong Kong education systema context which is described as ?examination-led Yung offers a case-driven account of how ten teachers taught and assessed advanced-level biology at high-school level through a continuous marks-based scheme called the Teacher Assessment Scheme or TAS for short. Yungs study was guided at the outset by one broad and four ancillary questions which need to be borne in mind continually if one is to make full sense of the researchers rich descriptions and detailed analyses. The main question was (page 4): What relationship among (i) secondary science teachers classroom practice, (ii) secondary science teachers beliefs about science, teaching and learning, and (iii) their understanding of the school-based assessment reform in practical science?

Pages: 303    

Tags: reform fairness science assessment

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