Signal Processing and Linear Systems by B. P. Lathi

Signal Processing and Linear Systems by  B. P. Lathi This is a very well written book (as are all books by Lathi). Various concepts are carefully developed and explained. The author tries to be rigorous without being formal, yet maintains an easy intuitive style that is particularly useful for juniors. (There are) lots of intuitive explanations with physical insights.... a must for an average junior. Examples, exercises, problems, and illustrations are done very well and are quite useful for self-study. (Historical notes) are a nice touch. Makes the material interesting and human. (Background chapter) is a nice feature. One thing I found very appealing about this text is its great balance of mathematical and intuitive explanation. A prime example of this is the excellent derivation and description of the sampling theorem.... The book (is) well paced, progressing well from a subject to the next.... I found all the examples quite good. I especially liked the combination and integration of graphical and mathematical convolution.... I found nothing that I would consider a weak point with this text. Introductory background material is very appealing.... The students will find (historical notes), both entertaining and "inspirational".

Pages: 432    

Tags: engeneering

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