Knowledge Management and Management Learning

Knowledge Management and Management Learning Recently knowledge management and management learning has received considerable published coverage; however, most of this exposure is based on a rational, mechanistic view of knowledge management. Practice, on the other hand, has taught us that knowledge management and learning are extremely broad concepts with an expanding area of subfields. This rationalized and measured view of knowledge management has lead to a more technologically driven development of the field. In practice, however, this view of knowledge management has fallen short of its promise. This situation has created the need for a more encompassing approach to knowledge management. An approach that will encompass a wider domain of knowledge management topics; including topics such as, workplace learning, knowledge infrastructure, knowledge representation, innovation and learning, knowledge culture and learning, and knowledge technologies. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND MANAGEMENT LEARNING: Extending the Horizons of Knowledge-Based Management examines a range of topical considerations in the field by utilizing dynamic and non-linear systems behavior or the complexity paradigm. From this examination have come a number of new and promising relevant extensions to knowledge management and its practice. Many of the topics have been pulled from "real world" situations in actual companies, and therefore these topical treatments reflect quantitative and qualitative research done within the knowledge management framework of actual company experience. Offered are a series of topical treatments that extend the parameters of knowledge management and examine the practical implications of these extensions. The book begins with an extended introduction and theoretical framework. Contributing authors have written chapters that add to both the framework and the practical consequences of knowledge management.

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