Building a VOIP Network with Nortel

Building a VOIP Network with Nortel The first book on deploying VoIP products from Nortel, the largest supplier of voice products in the world. This is the only book you need if you are tasked with designing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a converged network built with Nortels Multimedia Concentration Server 5100, and Multimedia Communications Portfolio (MCP) products. With this book, youll be able to design, build, secure, and maintaining a cutting-edge converged network to satisfy all of your business requirements. This book begins with a discussion of the current protocols used for transmitting converged data over IP as well as an overview of Nortels hardware and software solutions for converged networks. In this section, readers will learn how H.323 allows dissimilar communication devices to communicate with each other, and how SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is used to establish, modify, and terminate multimedia sessions including VOIP telephone calls. The next sections introduce the reader to the Multimedia Concentration Server 5100, and Nortels entire suite of Multimedia Communications Portfolio (MCP) products. The following chapters of the book teach the reader how to design, install, configure, and troubleshoot the entire Nortel product line including coverage of i2004 IP Phones, PC Client, Personal Agent, Call Pilot, and Meet Me. The next section of the book details advanced and configurations and troubleshooting scenarios including wireless deployments. In the final chapter, you will learn to secure your entire multimedia network from malicious attacks.

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