Java on the Edge

Java on the Edge This book presents JSP and EJB to the HTML-savvy Java programmer, with a caveat: any Java developer interested indeveloping multi-tiered distributed applications needs to know something about a range of J2EE APIs. That said,knowing JSP will allow a programmer to create dynamic web content (easier than with Java Servlets) and knowing EJBwill allow a programmer to encapsulate data as objects and create reusable code components. In short, knowing JSPand EJB will take a programmer a good majority of the way along the path of J2EE application development. The first section discusses J2EE in more depth, with special emphasis on how and where JSP and EJB fit in. The second section covers JavaServer Pages including numerous JSP examples. The book provides the JSP's for the main application developed and dissected, a hotel booking application. The final part covers Enterprise JavaBeans. The bulkof this section is creating and analyzing EJBs to work with the JSPs developed earlier in the book. By the end of the book, the hotel booking application is complete. This Unlimited Edition stays up to date long after other publications. A companion Web site includes all the code and examples from the book, and is updated to include new chapters, programs, and other related material.

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Tags: java

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