ZK Ajax without JavaScript Framework

ZK Ajax without JavaScript Framework I'm a fan of Java-based frameworks (such as Echo 2) and was looking forward to this book on ZK as a nice introduction to the framework. The book is slim but delivers on exactly the kind of content I was hoping for. It starts with a great overview, and then has a few real world examples. I would have loved to see more information on working in pure Java (richlets), but otherwise found the content to be great for the size. The only oddity is that my copy appears to have been printed off a screen-resolution PDF - all of the text, images, etc. look worse than if I ran it off on my home laser printer. I'm going to chalk this up to an oddity of how this particular edition was run off, but I would hope that this is a rare QC issue that would be quickly fixed.

Pages: 175    

Tags: java scripts

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