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GPRS Gateway To Third Generation Mobile Networks - Artech House This innovative new book explains how GPRS (general packet radio service) allows you to expand your GSM networks towards third generation mobile communications to meet the demands of the most-sophisticated mobile data applications. The book concentrates on the interfaces between the known GSM network elements and the new subsystems — PCU, SGSN, and GGSN — that come with GPRS. It offers you an in-depth explanation of the extensions and methods of the GSM air interface necessary for GPRS and shows how the channel-oriented GSM is linked to the packet switched GPRS. Moreover, it explains what extensions there are in channel coding, how resources are allocated on the air interface, and how the quick network access necessary for GPRS is made possible. This invaluable reference gives you the ability to easily and rapidly penetrate typical design and operation issues of GPRS. It enables you to understand the differences between the various 2.5 G extensions of GSM, gives you a firm grasp of the implications of mobile data services and how they differ from regular speed services, and clearly conveys the distinction between circuit-switched and packet-switched technologies. The book also addresses alternative bandwidth configurations, HSCSD and EDGE, and the TCP/IP protocols now used in GSM. They conclude with a detailed description of the various scenarios of GPRS and HSCSD, all of which are of great value to the professional in daily work.

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