Quick Guide to Dance Music

Quick Guide to Dance Music Dance ­ it's the music of the new Millennium. It's in the charts, played in clubs, you hear it on movie soundtracks and even in restaurants. Its variety and cross-influences mean Dance covers a multitude of styles. It seems to be dominated by a select few - influential producers, DJs and programmers - but everyone with a computer can create Dance music and this book shows you how. In clear and simple language, it explains: * What Dance music is * The styles it encompasses * What software you need to create it * How to program MIDI Dance grooves * How to use sample loops * What sounds to use * The tricks of the Dance Music masters * How to mixdown your music * How to publish it on the Web If you want to create Dance music, this highly practical book explains everything from how to create your own drum and bass lines to putting your music on the Web.

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Tags: multimedia

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