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CD and DVD Forensics - Syngress As access to computers has grown to be so readily available the need for law enforcement and other security professionals to be able to locate and use evidence that can be generated from these tools has increased proportionally. Additionally, as more and more individuals have the ability to write to CDs and DVDs the portability of possible evidence means that the examiner's scope goes beyond the actual site of a computer to anywhere that the suspect may have taken the media. It is up to law enforcement and computer forensic examiners to know what they are looking for, how to handle the possible evidence and how to properly process the evidence so that it will be admissible in a court of law. CD and DVD Forensics takes the security professional through the process from the beginning. Starting with an understanding of the CD and DVD media itself the book helps the examiner to know what he is looking for and how to handle that information. Additionally, the book takes the examiner through the process of how to read and determine the value of what is on a CD or DVD beyond what can be discovered by merely trying to open a disc in a Windows or other operating system environment.

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