The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Audition 2.0

The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Audition 2.0 Simplify your life with the Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Audition 2.0! This short, full-color book lives up to its name by paring down the software to its essentials. It covers only the key features and essential workflow to get you up and running in no time. When time is of the essence, less is more Antony Brown shares his professional insight to ensure you get the most out of all the tools Adobes Audition 2.0 offers. All the essential areas are covered: set up, editing, audio restoration, looping content, working with video, mastering, making a CD, and much more. Featured are many workflow tips that show you how to tap into the full power of Adobe Audition 2.0 when creating your digital audio files. This is an ideal first read for any editor new to Adobe Audition 2.0. * Quick and easy to follow with color diagrams and screenshots throughout * Takes you step-by-step though the programme, ensuring a clear understanding and successful results * All areas are covered: set-up, editing, looping content, mastering, finalizing, working with video, making a CD, and much more

Pages: 149    

Tags: multimedia

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