The Apache Modules Book: Application Development with Apache

The Apache Modules Book: Application Development with Apache Do you learn best by example and experimentation? This book is ideal. Have your favorite editor and compiler ready—you'll encounter example code you'll want to try right away. You've picked the right book—this is sure to become the de facto standard guide to writing Apache modules. —Rich Bowen, coauthor, Apache Administrators Handbook, Apache Cookbook, and The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite A first-rate guide to getting the most out of Apache as a modular application platform—sure to become a must-read for any Apache programmer, from beginner to experienced professional. It builds up carefully and meticulously from the absolute basics, while including chapters on everything from the popular Apache DBD Framework to best practices, security, and debugging. —Noirin Plunkett, documentation committer to the Apache httpd project, and member of the ASF conference committee

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