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Multimedia Wireless Networks: Technologies, Standards and QoS -Prentice Hall PTR Integrating QoS in wireless multimedia network design and delivering QoS in WLANs, WPANs, WMANs, cellular, and satellite networks, this book covers every leading current and emerging wireless network standard. Integrate QoS into virtually any multimedia wireless network. From entertainment to telephony, emerging wireless systems will make possible a new generation of wireless multimedia applications. To satisfy users, network designers and developers must integrate end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) support throughout all their underlying networks: WANs, WLANs, WPANs, and last-mile WLL or satellite distribution systems. However, wireless network standards typically focus on signaling, leaving crucial QoS issues to implementers. Multimedia Wireless Networks is the first book to help network professionals systematically address QoS in today's most important wireless networks - and tomorrow's. It covers topics such as: why users' wireless multimedia performance requirements will require extensive QoS support; the fundamentals of QoS - and how they drive network design; WLAN standards from the multimedia network designer's viewpoint: IEEE 802.1 1, HiperLAN, and HomeRF; wireless MANs: introducing the new 802.16 Wireless MAN standard; integrating QoS into IEEE 802.15 and Bluetooth wireless personal area networks; QoS in current and emerging cellular and satellite networks.ÂÂВ

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