Manage IT - Organizing IT demand and supply

Manage IT - Organizing IT demand and supply In the network economy almost every organization depends on perfect IT facilities. Every organization is forced to reflect on its IT demand. Realizing the organization of supply and demand is the subject of this book. The book consists of five parts. In the first part, IT management tasks and the objects involved are discussed. The execution of these tasks has to meet with functional and performance demands. These requirements are more easily met when an organization has a transparent IT architecture at its disposal. The second part outlines traditional IT management. The starting point is a process-oriented functioning of the IT organization. This goes for both the IT demand organization as well as the IT supply organization. In this part, methods like BISML, ASL, ITIL, MOF, MSF, TMN and eTOM are discussed. The third part deals with controlling IT. The aim of this control is diverse. Control is different when striving for efficiency and complying with accountants requirements, compared to the control as used when IT is a means to comply with customers and/or chain partners wishes. In the latter case, innovation of IT processes is an issue.

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