Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security

Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security This comprehensive encyclopedia provides easy access to information on all aspects of cryptography and security. With an A–Z format of over 460 entries, 100+ international experts provide an accessible reference for those seeking entry into any aspect of the broad fields of cryptography and information security. Most entries in this preeminent work include useful literature references, providing more than 2500 references in total. Topics for the encyclopedia were selected by a distinguished advisory board consisting of 18 of the world's leading scholars and practitioners. Main subject areas include: Authentication and identification Block ciphers and stream ciphers Computational issues Copy protection Cryptanalysis and security Cryptographic protocols Electronic payment and digital certificates Elliptic curve cryptography Factorization algorithms and primality tests Hash functions and MACs Historical systems Identity-based cryptography Implementation aspects for smart cards and standards Key management Multiparty computations like voting schemes Public key cryptography Quantum cryptography Secret sharing schemes Sequences Web security

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