ASP.NET (Professional Projects)

ASP.NET (Professional Projects) The series format is a step by step tutorial intended for the Intermediate to Advanced programmer looking to be challenged in a new area. Each book in the series meets the 2 aims of a developer when learning a new technology, firstly to learn the techniques and tools, but secondly how to accomplish their goals with that particular technology. Many other books aimed at this market fall short of the Intermediate to Advanced label. Although containing advanced material, many have long elaborate introductions, which are at the expense of more technical information later in the book. The Professional Projects series contains only a brief introduction, and quickly moves the reader onto more challenging material. Sections Overview Section Lays the groundwork for understanding the particular development issues surrounding the uses for the application. Projects Section Presented projects are increasingly more complex in an attempt to guide the reader through practical development scenarios and to represent real world examples. Beyond the lab Serves as a summary for what the reader has just learned and roadmap for readers to search for further information. It also resents a skills path and suggests related technologies that need to be studied. Reference Appendix Acts as a quick reference and covers the main commands that a developer will need to use. An invaluable tool to a new developer.

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