Packetized Voice And Data Integration - Cisco

Packetized Voice And Data Integration - Cisco Integrate voice and data traffic on your Cisco network. If you're ready for the economy and versatility of combining voice and data on your Cisco-based network, Cisco Packetized Voice & Data Integration, by Robert Caputo, packs all the know-how you need to plan, design and implement an all-in- one solution. From packetized voice fundamentals to delivering quality of service (QOS) for Voice-over IP and Frame Relay, you're shown how to develop a dial plan, deploy advanced voice functions, and roll it all up into a single dependable system. Detailed configuration examples take you inside the Cisco network, and case studies show you successful voice and data integration in real-world organizations. You also get a quick-reference Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference plus guides to industry standards,controlling bodies and voice communications terms.

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