Beginning Game Programming

Beginning Game Programming Learn the essential skills needed to demystify game programming and harness the power of Windows and DirectX . Beginning Game Programming teaches you everything you need to know to write 2D and 3D games with C and DirectX 9 without any complex mathematics. Ease your way into this exciting new world by learning to write simple Windows programs, and then tap into the power of Direct3D! Each chapter teaches important new skills (such as basic 3D programming with vertices, polygons, and textures), culminating in a simple DirectX game library - great for your own game projects! Learn the basics of 3D modeling with the Anim8or modeling program and then learn how to load and use 3D models in your own games. The complete game project in this book runs in fullscreen or windowed mode, and features mouse support, sound effects, 3D models, texture-based sprites, and 3D collision detection. Brace yourself for an exciting introduction to game programming!

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