Towards Zero

Towards Zero "All events lead towards murder or towards zeroWhat a failed suicide attempt, a set of petty thefts falsely pinned on a schoolgirl and a group of people meeting in one place have to do with each other needs to be determined.Lady Tressilian invites her guests to her seaside house in Gulls Point and some guests start to quarrel with one another. Nevile Strange, the tennis star, invites both his old wife and his new one and these two ladies invite two more men creating more love triangles than could ever be hoped. Mr Treves tells tales of child murders and children murdering each other. Soon, old Mr Treves dies seemingly of a heart attack. Then Lady Tressilian is found murdered. Superintendent Battle solves this mystery along with his nephew Inspector James Leach."

Authors: Agatha ChristiePages: 480     Year: 1944

Tags: agatha detective christie

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