Fluid Dynamics: Theory, Computation, and Numerical Simulation

Fluid Dynamics: Theory, Computation, and Numerical Simulation "Fluid Dynamics: Theory, Computation, and Numerical Simulation extends the classical field of fluid dynamics into the realm of scientific computing in a way that is both comprehensive and accessible to the beginner. The theory of fluid dynamics, and the implementation of solution procedures into numerical algorithms, are discussed hand-in-hand and with reference to computer programming." "This book serves as an introductory course in fluid mechanics, covering traditional topics in a way that unifies theory, computation, computer programming, and numerical simulation. Few prerequisites are required. The audience includes not only advanced undergraduate and entry-level graduate students, but also a broad class of scientists and engineers with a general interest in scientific computing." "This text is for practitioners and students in all fields of engineering, computational physics, scientific computing, and applied mathematics. It can be used as a text in both undergraduate and graduate courses in fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics."

Authors: Pozrikidis C.Pages: 557     Year: 2001

Tags: numerical theory simulation computation dynamics

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