Charged particle beams

Charged particle beams Addresses the topics vital to understanding high-power acceleratorsand high-brightness charged particle beams. Presents a unifieddescription of charged particle beams that is detailed enough for useas a text and comprehensive enough to stand as a reference. Thistreatment of particle beam physics prepares students to read theliterature and to use accelerators effectively. Describes the basicideas behind modern beam applications such as stochastic cooling,high-brightness injectors and the free electron laser. Designed tofurnish students with the critical thinking skills necessary for thesimplifications and problem-solving insights unique to collectivephysics problems. Serves as an independent reference or as thecompanion book to Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration toprovide a programmed introduction to the field of particleacceleration.

Authors: Humphries S.Pages: 847     Year: 2002

Tags: charged particle

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