Twistor geometry and field theory

Twistor geometry and field theory This book deals with the twistor treatment of certain linear and non-linear partial differential equations in mathematical physics. The description in terms of twistors involves algebraic and differential geometry, and several complex variables, and results in a different kind of setting that gives a new perspective on the properties of space-time and field theories. The book is designed to be used by mathematicians and physicists and so the authors have made it reasonably self-contained. The first part contains a development of the necessary mathematical background. In the second part, Yang-Mills fields and gravitational fields (the basic fields of contemporary physics) are described at the classical level. In the final part, the mathematics and physics are married to solve a number of field-theoretical problems.

Authors: Ward R.S., Wells R.O.Pages: 528     Year: 1990

Tags: geometry twistor theory

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