Molecular devices and machines : a journey into the nanoworld

Molecular devices and machines : a journey into the nanoworld The miniaturization of bulky devices and machines is a process that confronts us on a daily basis. However, nanoscale machines with varied and novel characteristics may also result from the enlargement of extremely small building blocks, namely individual molecules. This bottom-up approach to nanotechnology is already being pursued in information technology, with many other branches about to follow.- Written by a team of experienced authors headed by Vincenzo Balzani, one of the pioneers in the development of molecular machines - Covers such diverse aspects as sensors, memory components, solar energy conversion, biomolecules as molecular machines, and much more- Presented in a lucid style and didactically structured, with both the expert and the newcomer in mind- Includes a glossary of terms and numerous references to the recent literatureBe among the first to explore the fascinating possibilities of this future-oriented technology! A must-have for every chemist and materials scientist with an interest in nanotechnology.

Authors: Balzani V., Credi A., Venturi M.Pages: 503     Year: 2002

Tags: machines journey devices nanoworld molecular

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