Solids Far from Equilibrium

Solids Far from Equilibrium This book contains six sets of lectures by internationally respected researchers on the statistical physics of crystal growth. The emphasis in the papers is on a description of underlying mechanisms and elaboration of simple models that provide a transparent physical picture. Viewed from a novel vantage point, they cover not only very recent developments in the phenomena of shape and growth, but also reflect on old problems that have not always received the attention they deserve. Contributors include P. Noziè res, C. Caroli, B. Caroli, B. Roulet, J.S. Langer, Y. Pomeau, M. Ben Amar, L. Sander, J. Krug and H. Spohn. Note: The synopsis above is drawn from available information about this title. Details about specific copies and editions for sale are in the listings displayed below.

Authors: Godrèche C.Pages: 167     Year: 1992

Tags: solids godrèche equilibrium

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