Science of everyday things (volume 3). Real-life biology

Science of everyday things (volume 3). Real-life biology The first two volumes of this series are Real-Life Chemistry and Real-Life Physics, released in 2001. The purpose of the series is to explain scientific phenomena using common real-world examples. Real-Life Biology has about 40 entries covering various scientific phenomena and principles. Information in each entry includes "Concept" (defines the scientific principle or theory), "How It Works," "Real-Life Applications," and "Where to Learn More." A "Key Terms" section defines terms from the text. Examples of topics include biochemistry, nutrition, reproduction and birth, immunity, infection, and the biosphere and ecosystems. Under "Real-Life Applications" we can learn about the fate of the dodo bird (under Species) and working the night shift

Authors: Knight J.Pages: 396     Year: 2001

Tags: knight things volume science everyday real-life biology

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