Maxwell Over 130 years ago, James Clerk Maxwell introduced his hypothetical 'demon' as a challenge to the scope of the second law of thermodynamics. Fascination with the demon persisted throughout the development of statistical and quantum physics, information theory and computer science, and links have been established between Maxwell's demon and each of these disciplines. The demon's seductive quality makes it appealing to physical scientists, engineers, computer scientists, biologists, psychologists, and historians and philosophers of science. Since the publication of Maxwell's Demon: Entropy, Information, Computing in 1990, Maxwell's demon has been the subject of renewed and increased interest by numerous researchers in the fields mentioned above. This book, Maxwell's Demon 2: Entropy, Classical and Quantum Information, Computing, is an updated and expanded version of the original. Many of the seminal papers that appeared in the first edition have been retained, including the original thoughts of James Clerk Maxwell and William Thomson

Authors: Leff H.S., Rex A.F.Pages: 1     Year: 2003

Tags: rex classical computing entropy maxwell information leff

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