Theory of cosmological perturbations

Theory of cosmological perturbations We present in a manifestly gauge-invariant form the theory of classical linear gravitational perturbations in part I, and a quantum theory of cosmological perturbations in part II. Part I includes applications to several important examples arising in cosmology: a universe dominated by hydrodynamical matter, a universe filled with scalar-field matter, and higher-derivative theories of gravity. The growth rates of perturbations are calculated analytically in most interesting cases. The analysis is applied to study the evolution of fluctuations in inflationary universe models. Part II includes a unified description of the quantum generation and evolution of inhomogeneities about a classical Friedmann background. The method is based on standard canonical quantization of the action for cosmological perturbations which has been reduced to an expression in terms of a single gauge-invariant variable. The spectrum of density perturbations originating in quantum fluctuations is calculated in universes with hydrodynamical matter, in inflationary universe models with scalar-field matter, and in higher-derivative theories of gravity.

Authors: Mukhanov V.F., Feldman F. A., Brandenberger R.H.Pages: 131     Year: 1992

Tags: cosmological feldman mukhanov theory brandenberger perturbations

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