Rigorous global search: continuous problems

Rigorous global search: continuous problems The book provides a self-contained introduction to underlying techniques, as well as a compendium of theory and a guide to the author's Fortran 90 software for nonlinear algebraic systems and global, constrained optimization with automatic result verification. Besides introductory and survey material, the book contains unique research results. The book also contains non-traditional ideas concerning non-smooth optimization. Thus, the book should be a valuable reference to applied mathematicians and computational scientists and engineers. With numerous examples and exercises, as well as leads for future research, the book can be used as a graduate text or reference on interval arithmetic, automatic differentiation and interval fixed point theory. The book can also serve as a user's guide for the nonlinear equations and optimization software, available free of charge from the author, for the author's general Fortran 90 interval arithmetic package, or for the associated automatic differentiation package. Audience: Researchers in operations research, numerical analysis, computational chemistry, computer-aided geometric design and computational geometry, robot kinematics, remote sensing. Also suitable for graduate and topics courses in numerical analysis, optimization, and operations research.

Authors: Kearfott R.B.Pages: 139     Year: 1996

Tags: rigorous problems global search continuous

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