Scientific Computing with PCs

Scientific Computing with PCs This book tells "what to", "why to" and "when to" use personal computers (PCs) for carrying out scientificcomputing tasks. There are many books that purport to tell users how to operate particular softwarepackages or to set up and maintain their personal computer hardware. These "how to" volumes have theirproper role and utility. Our goal is different: we aim to present ideas about the management decisionsinvolved in using PCs for scientific and technical computing.The audience for this book is any scientist, engineer, statistician, economist, or similar worker who isconsidering using a personal computer for all or part of his or her technical work. The ideas we presentcan be used at the individual or group level. Being ideas about the management of resources, they arekept simple to the extent that readers will think "I know that." We stress, however, that it is the day-to-daypractice of management ideas that counts; theoretical knowledge is like a smoke alarm without a battery.

Authors: Nash J.C., Nash M.M.Pages: 205     Year: 1994

Tags: computing scientific

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