Creative Black-and-White Photography

Creative Black-and-White Photography Creative Black-and-White Photography guides photographers at alllevels in producing the aesthetically advanced, carefully craftedimages they've always dreamed of making. In his sequel to MasteringBlack-and-White Photography, photographer Bernhard J Suess againmakes complex technical and aesthetic problems easy to understand andmaster. He addresses intricate questions of film exposure anddevelopment control, camera filters, creative use of print contrast,dodging and burning, bleaching, and digital imaging. Discussing themany choices he makes in his own photography and why, Suessillustrates the decisions essential to successful black-and-whiteimages. The book includes more than eighty black-and-white photos,tracing the evolution of images from idea to final print. Eachexample is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the artistic andtechnical processes involved as well as a helpful look at how and whythe photographer decided to use the techniques. Whether choosing acamera format, arranging a background, or composing a portrait, thisinvaluable resource shows photographers how to balance differentelements in a picture and take advanced steps in creating betterblack-and-white photographs.

Authors: Suess B.J.Pages: 200     Year: 2003

Tags: black-and-white photography creative

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