Macrocyclic polyether syntheses

Macrocyclic polyether syntheses It seems likely that no project of this magnitude is undertaken in the absence of several motivations. This book is no exception. There are, from our perspective, at least two rational reasons for conducting this cataloging and organizational effort. The first of these is the obvious fact that a very large number of macrocyclic polyethers have now been prepared and nowhere is there a comprehensive listing of them. A number of excellent reviews have been published dealing with one or more aspects of macrocycle chemistry, but we felt a great need for a single source listing known compounds. We have, there-fore, attempted to provide such a listing to assist ourselves in keeping track as well as, we hope, helping others in this field.

Authors: Gokel G.W., Korzeniowski S.H.Pages: 428     Year: 1982

Tags: macrocyclic polyether syntheses

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