Discrete Math in Computer Science

Discrete Math in Computer Science "Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science" is the perfect text to combine the fields of mathematics and computer science. Written by leading academics in the field of computer science, readers will gain the skills needed to write and understand the concept of proof. This text teaches all the math, with the exception of linear algebra, that is needed to succeed in computer science. The book explores the topics of basic combinatorics, number and graph theory, logic and proof techniques, and many more. Appropriate for large or small class sizes or self study for the motivated professional reader. Assumes familiarity with data structures. Early treatment of number theory and combinatorics allow readers to explore RSA encryption early and also to encourage them to use their knowledge of hashing and trees (from CS2) before those topics are covered in this course.

Authors: Bogart K., Stein C.Pages: 210     Year: 2002

Tags: computer science stein math discrete bogart

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