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How much does uploading materials to Dleex cost? — Uploading materials is absolutely free. However, only registered users can upload materials. You can get registered here

What is Dleex? — Dleex is an online service for working with printed materials. Here anyone can upload or download a book, a magazine or an article.

I found a security breach. Where do I report about it? — If you heard that someone is to hack our system or about to do any other illegal actions against our service, please let us know about it: .

What system requirements do I need to view Dleex materials? — In order to view Dleex materials, please make sure that you comply with the following system requirements:

  • Firefox 1.1 or later, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Safari 1.0 or later
  • 128k Broadband internet connection or faster

Does Dleex have a support service phone line? — Unfortunately, we don't have a support service phone line yet. But you can find answers to most of your questions in our Information center!

Where can I find information about ad placement on Dleex? — If you can request information about our advertisement possibilities, via and we will contact you.

Where can I find information about vacancies at Dleex? — We always need highly-qualified workers, so if you have a desire to become part of our crew, please send us your CV to .

Where can I find detailed information about Dleex as a company? — We are yet a very young company. However, we promise to create an "About Us" section and inform all of our users when we will become 1 year old.

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