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For what is registration necessary?

Only registered users can buy paid materials and load on a resource their own. Except this many other useful functions are accessible to the registered users. For example, service of bookmarks and dialogue with other Dleex users.

I was told that I cannot be registered. Why?

if you have received the message that cannot be registered on Dleex, acquaint with our Conditions of use, to learn about registration of an account.

I can not recollect a name of the user or the password. How can I enter a site ?

If you have forgotten the password, it is possible to restore it at the address

I have correctly entered a name of the user and the password, but I’m still asked to enter into system. What I need to do?

If you cannot enter into system, using correct, in your opinion, a name of the user and the password, be convinced, that cookies are turned on, if this does not help, try to clear a browser cache.

How to turn on cookies?

Internet Explorer: Menu Service - Properties of an observer choose inlay "Confidentiality ", in "Parameters" field press button "In addition ", establish a tag "block automatic processing files "cookie" and establish tags "Accept" or "Request".
Or it is possible to choose "Average" or "Moderately high" level of confidentiality, then cookies adjustment will occur automatically.
Mozilla Firefox: In the menu "Tools" choose "Adjustments". Then choose inlay "Confidentiality", and then item "Cookies" and put a tick "allow sites to establish cookie".
Opera: In the menu "File" choose item "Preferences" (Adjustments) further "Privacy" (Confidentiality). In section "Cookies" in the first dropping out list choose "Automatically accept all cookies" (Automatically to accept all cookies).

I didn't request retrieving my password. Why did I receive it?

Most likely, you received this message, because someone entered your username in the "Forgot my password" form. This could be a mistake; some user is thinking that your username belongs to him, or someone mistyped his username. In any case, your account is safe as long as you're the only one who reads your mail.

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