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What does it cost to add new materials to Dleex?

Adding new materials is absolutely free. But only registered users can add materials. You can pass registration at

Is there any limit in adding materials?

There is no limit in adds and we are not planning to set them up. So you can start making new materials and add them to our site as many as you like — The more good materials on Dleex the better it is!

How to create a new material?

There are many ways to make e-book. You can scan paper material or type it in any office program (for example, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice)".

What formats can be added?

With function "Upload" it is possible to add PDF, DJVU, DOC, RTF and PS formats.

What information must be entered at material add?

When adding material, all fields must be carefully filled. The better you fill them in the better your materials will appear in search results.

What if zero prize will be placed for material?

In case, if in the prize field is written 0.00, material is considered as free-of-charge and can be downloaded by all users.

How to add material?

When finishing new material, convince that it is not bigger than 70 MB and is saved in right format. Now the material is ready to be added.
  • Press the “Load” link in upper right corner in any Dleex page.
  • State as much information about material as you can, including title, description, tags and category. The more information you give, the easier it will be for users to find your material.
  • Choose file with cover and click “Load”
It can take from few minutes to an hour before your material will be add to Dleex. If in loading process a mistake appears, convince that the file you are trying to load is recognized by Dleex. Service receives PDF, DJVU, DOC, RTF и PS formats.

How long will my material load up?

Depending on connection speed and material size its adding can take from a few minutes to an hour. At the average, loading 1 MB at high connection speed can take 1-5 minutes. Do not forget that adding time depends on connection speed.

Do I have to register to add material?

Yes, you do. Because all materials are connected to your profile. You must be service member to add materials.

Which format do I have to choose for best quality?

We recommend PDF format. If before loading material you save it as PDF format, it will look much better on Dleex.

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