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How to create own library at Dleex?

For own on-line libraries at Dleex the “Favourites” service is available. If you find any interesting material, simply add it to Favourites and you will be able to access it from any place in the world where the Internet is.

How to discuss topical subject with other Dleex users?

At the moment we have following opportunities for communication: Comments to materials , Private messages

How to send private message to user?

Dleex allows you to send private messages and comments to your. First click your friends name (near his material), then press link “Send a message”. The message can be written the same way as in e-mail. Then press “Send a message” and your friend will be able to read it in “Incoming” section at Dleex. He will also receive notification about new message on e-mail.

I did not ask to send me letter with password reminder. Why did I get it?

Probably you received this unexpected letter with password reminder, because someone used your name in our form "Cannot recollect password". It could accidentally be done by someone else, who wrongly supposes this user name to be his, or committed an error while typing his own user name. Any way, if nobody except you reads your mail, your account is in safety.

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