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Books: Practical Research Methods
Dawson C., 2002

Practical Research Methods

For anyone who has to conduct a research project and does not have time to wade through complicated research textbooks, this up-to-date handbook explains technical jargon in a concise way and includes…

Books: Tarantino
Jeff Dawson


После выхода в 1992 году фильма “Бешеные псы” на голливудском небосводе неожиданно и ярко зажглась звезда Квентин Тарантино, бывшего еще так недавно продавцом видеокассет ставшего знаменитым режиссеро…

Books: Running Linux
Matt Weish, Terry Dawson

Running Linux

The fourth edition of Running Linux delves deeper into installation, configuring the windowing system, system administration, and networking. A solid foundation text for any Linux user, the book also …

Books: Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway
Readicker-Henderson E., Readicker-Henderson L., 2001

Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway

The far north was once a land feared by many, traveled by few. Now it's the kind of place people travel hundreds of miles to visit. This quiet sanctuary of quiet rivers and lakes that come in all shad…

Books: Linux Network Administrators Guide
Kirch O., Dawson T., 2000

Linux Network Administrators Guide

Linux, a UNIX-compatible operating system that runs on personal computers, is a pinnacle within the free software movement. It is based on a kernel developed by Finnish student Linus Torvalds and is d…


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