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Books: Introduction to physical oceanography
Stewart R.H., 2002

Introduction to physical oceanography

This book is written for upper-division undergraduates and new graduate students in meteorology, ocean engineering, and oceanography. Because these students have a diverse background, I have emphasize…

Books: Advanced general relativity
Stewart J., 1991

Advanced general relativity

This book is a self-contained introduction to key topics in advance general relativity. The opening chapter reviews the subject, with strong emphasis on the geometric structures underlying the theory.…

Books: Transport Phenomena
Bird R. B., Lightfoot E. N., Stewart W. E., 2002

Transport Phenomena

Treats momentum transport (viscous flow), energy transport (heat conduction, convection, and radiation), and mass transport (diffusion). All topics are organized around the ``equations of change'': th…

Books: Quantum communications and measurement
Belavkin V.P., Hirota O., Hudson R.L., 1995

Quantum communications and measurement

The workshop covered a wide range of topics in quantum probability and measurement, from fundamental problems of quantum mechanics to its applications in the newly developing quantum technologies. The…

Books: Matrix perturbation theory
Stewart G.W., Sun J., 1990

Matrix perturbation theory

This book is a comprehensive survey of matrix perturbation theory, a topic of interest to numerical analysts, statisticians, physical scientists, and engineers. In particular, the authors cover pertur…

Books: WiFi Security (McGraw-Hill Telecom Professional)

WiFi Security (McGraw-Hill Telecom Professional)

By following this resource, corporations can go wireless and still protect mission-critical data. Top corporate security consultant, Stewart Miller covers security for Windows, Linux, Macs, Palms, and…
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