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Books: Advanced LaTeX
Love T., 1999

Advanced LaTeX

This document follows on from theWord processing using LaTeX document.It describes the features of LaTeX that people at CUED are mostlikely to use. Further information is available from the LaTeX help…

Books: Matrix Computations
Golub G.H., van Loan C.F., 1996

Matrix Computations

This third edition offers expanded treatment of areas such as CS decomposition, floating point arithmetic, special linear systems, the unsymmetric Lanczos process, and Toeplitz matrix eigenproblems. O…

Books: How To Write A Business Plan, 7th Edition

How To Write A Business Plan, 7th Edition

Everything you need to create a business forecast that potential investors can embrace! Thinking of starting a business or raising money to expand an existing one? This popular book will show you how …


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