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Books: Andrew J. Sherman, Raising Capital? (Reupload)

Raising Capital helps readers navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurial finance, from traditional sources such as banks, "angels" and private placements to venture capital, initial public offerings…

Books: George Turrell, Mathematics for Chemistry & Physics? (Reupload)

Chemistry and physics share a common mathematical foundation. From elementary calculus to vector analysis and group theory, Mathematics for Chemistry and Physics aims to provide a comprehensive refere…

Books: Jaksa Cvitanic Fernando Zapatero, Introduction to the Economics and Mathematics of Financial Markets? (Reupload)

Introduction to the Economics and Mathematics of Financial Markets fills the longstanding need for an accessible yet serious textbook treatment of financial economics. The book provides a rigorous ove…

Books: Jochen Gartz, Magic Mushrooms Around The World? (Reupload)

Book Description The first new book on psychoactive mushrooms in 10 years. Introducing a rich variety of psychoactive mushrooms from around the globe -including some rare and little-known species - th…

Books: David Broek, Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics? (Reupload)

It is certainly one of the best books on Fracture Mechanics. very well structured for graduate level courses. Also, unlike a lot of books on Fracture Mechanics, the concepts are presented with an emph…

Books: Richard K. Guy, Unsolved Problems in Number Theory (Problem Books in Mathematics)? (Reupload)

This book contains discussions of hundreds of open questions in number theory, organized into 185 different topics. They represent numerous aspects of number theory and are organized into six categori…


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